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Spotlight: T.E.L.L at Markham Reading Program

Since June 2013, H.E.A.L.T.H for Youths has been partnering with Markham Gardens for several years on a weekly reading program called T.E.L.L at Markham Gardens. The program runs about 1.5 hours each Wednesday and consists of a reading project, an arts project tied to the reading project and a healthy snack!

HUGE thank you to Markham Gardens/Domain Companies for being such a wonderful partner in this endeavor. Huge thank you also to our volunteers and collaborating organizations: Everyone at Markham Gardens and Domain Companies, Melanie Santiago, Esther Alexander, Citizens Committee for New York City, Staten Island Youth Justice Center, Stephanie Shavuo and The Office of Councilmember Debi Rose, New York Cares, the Family of Miles "KT" Kirkland Thomas, the 120th Precinct, Officers Mazza and Rios, Commanding Officers Veneziano and Bocchino, Capital One Volunteers, The Summer Youth Employment Program, Pam Bailey Laupper and her daughter, John Kilcullen, Andrew Blancero, Dana Rachlin, The NY Public Library and all our guest readers, volunteers over the years of most importantly, our students and their families!!!! The program is now in entering its third year and we are proud to have just received a Neighborhood Grant from Citizens Committee for New York City to keep this wonderful program going!

Interested in volunteering? Please click on the link here: